Aisja (Aisja)

Aisja (Aisja)

Illustrator: Stefanie De Graef

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SKU: 9789058385710

When Aisja stands in front of the sultan's palace, she sees a man leaving through a side door. Aisja tells him what the people say about the sultan: that he never listens to the poor, that he only invites sweet talkers and artists... Back in his palace the sultan (that's who the man was) thinks about what Aisja has told him and turns his life around.

A beautiful fairytale about a simple girl and a conceited sultan. The illustrations add to the oriental atmosphere.

Themes: fairytale, sultan, conceitedness

Rights sold: Portuguese (Brazil), Hindi

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Language Rights sold Hindi, Portuguese (Brazil)
Variety picturebook, young reader book
Themes fairytale, sultan, conceitedness
Age 5+
Reading level AVI 7, AVI-M5
Number of pages 40 pages
Format 26,5 x 20,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 01/09/2009
NUR code 274, 282
Author Pieter van Oudheusden
Illustrator Stefanie De Graef
ISBN Number 9789058385710