Anna and the dream-maker (Anna en de dromenmaker)

Anna and the dream-maker (Anna en de dromenmaker)

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SKU: 9789462914704

- Warm bedtime story
- Special debut of two sisters
- With enchanting illustrations that take you into a world of wonder

A marvellous picture book about dreaming and settling down.

Anna is lying in bed. Mum wants her to sleep. But Anna doesn’t want to sleep. She isn’t tired at all. Anna stares at the moon. How strange. Is the moon coming closer, or isn’t she? Suddenly the moon is standing in front of Anna’s window. She takes Anna to the dream-maker. He lets Anna experience the most wonderful dreams.

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‘With collage, paint, drawing and print techniques she builds her images in a very thought-out and structured manner. And yet they remain spontaneous and pleasantly chaotic.’ (website Kunst in huis about Heike Villavicencio)

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Variety picturebook
Themes dream, imagination, journey, friendship, adventure
Age 5+
Number of pages 48 pages, end papers incl.
Format 23,5 x 33,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 08/04/2020
NUR code 273
Author Maaike Lisa Villavicencio Fernandez
Illustrator Heike Sofia Villavicencio Rammeloo
ISBN Number 9789462914704