Bear's hungry (Beertje is gulzig)

Bear's hungry (Beertje is gulzig)

Author: Mario Boon
Illustrator: Mario Boon

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SKU: 9789058381699

Little Bear is hungry. Mum says that he can have one thing to eat. Little Bear goes to the kitchen and eats a sandwich. But he also eats two bananas and many other things. Do you know what he has in his stomach now?

Solid and plasticized cardboard book that helps children discover the first numbers. Very attractive illustrations.

Themes: bear, eating, counting, hungry

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Variety cardboardbook
Themes bear, eating, counting, hungry
Age 1+
Number of pages 12 pages
Format 16 x 16 cm
Design cardboard, full colour illustrations
Published since 01/03/2003
NUR code 271
Author Mario Boon
Illustrator Mario Boon
ISBN Number 9789058381699