BUGS, gourmet insect cookbook (Bugs, culinair insectenkookboek)

BUGS, gourmet insect cookbook (Bugs, culinair insectenkookboek)

Author: David Creëlle

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SKU: 9789462910553

Today the use of insects as a healthy substitute for meat is becoming more and more popular. You can find them in many supermarkets and in Ghent you have BUGS, the first catering and production company of insect-snacks. The cricket-croquet is available in some Belgian snack bars. In this gourmet cookbook the author shows how you can cook deliciously and healthily with insects.

Insects are healthy, ecological and delicious, that’s what this book is proving.

Themes: insect, cooking, ecology

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Variety cookbook
Themes eating insects, ecology, cooking
Age volwassenen
Number of pages 88 pages
Format 26,5 x 20,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 14/12/2015
NUR code 440
Author David Creëlle
ISBN Number 9789462910553