Neighbour reads a book (Buurman leest een boek)

Neighbour reads a book (Buurman leest een boek)

Author: Koen Van Biesen
Illustrator: Koen Van Biesen

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SKU: 9789058388018

Neighbour wants to read a book. But the girl next door plays a game. She makes a lot of noise. Angrily neighbour bangs on the wall. It is quiet for a moment. Until the little girl starts to sing. Neighbour puts his book aside again and bangs on the wall... It's no use. Time and time again the little girl comes up with another loud hobby which keeps neighbour from reading his book. Then neighbour has an idea. He brings the little girl a gift...

Hilarious story about noisy neighbours with comic-like illustrations.

Themes: read, book, noise, neighbour

Rights sold: Danish, Spanish, Catalan, English (USA), Korean, German, French, Chinese (mainland), Portuguese (Brazil)

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Awarded Flag & Banner, Readingfeather of the Month
Language Rights sold Catalan, Chinese (simple), Danish, English (world), French, German, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish
Reprint 2nd printrun
Variety picturebook
Themes read, book, noise, neighbour
Age 5+
Series Neighbour
Number of pages 48 pages
Format 25 x 23,5 cm
Design hardcover + cd
Published since 01/09/2012
NUR code 273
Author Koen Van Biesen
Illustrator Koen Van Biesen
ISBN Number 9789058388018

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