The little Fabre (De Kleine Fabre)

The little Fabre (De Kleine Fabre)

Author: Brigitte Minne

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SKU: 9789058388933

When the little Jan Fabre was born he looked just like his deceased brother Emile. Emile had always been a good, little boy. Jan on the contrary was a little terror, who unwillingly did things that weren’t allowed. His endless imagination brought himself and his family often in trouble. But that same imagination was the foundation of his artistic creativity.

The childhood of the Belgian artist Jan Fabre reconstructed. With numerous art and family pictures.

Themes: Jan Fabre, childhood, biography, artist

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Variety fiction
Genre biography
Themes Jan Fabre, childhood, biography, artist
Age 12+
Series The Little Artist
Number of pages 144 pages
Format 26,5 x 20,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 01/10/2013
NUR code 217
Author Brigitte Minne
ISBN Number 9789058388933

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