The pumpkin murders (De pompoenmoorden)

The pumpkin murders (De pompoenmoorden)

Author: Inge Misschaert

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SKU: 9789058386168

Nora is new at school. She is quickly accepted by a group of friends in her class. Everything seems to go great. Until one of her friends is murdered on Halloween and Nora risks her own life by playing detective.

An exciting story about murder and manslaughter, but also about the daily problems and questions teenagers struggle with: unanswered love, drugs, annoying teachers...

Themes: school, murder, drugs, detective, love

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Reprint POD
Variety fiction
Genre detective
Themes school, murder, drugs, detective, love
Age 12+
Series Fun Reading
Number of pages 176 pages
Format 21 x 14,5 cm
Design softcover
Published since 01/03/2010
NUR code 284
Author Inge Misschaert
ISBN Number 9789058386168

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