That’s a good hat! (die hoed zit goed)

That’s a good hat! (die hoed zit goed)

Author: Riet Wille
Illustrator: Annemie Berebrouckx

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SKU: 9789058389046

Author Riet Wille is a language-wizard. She collects her most fun poems, rhymes and riddles for young readers in this big collection. Everything is written for children who have just begun their reading-careers. Now they can also enjoy wordgames and language-jokes. More than 50 poems about animals, school, your body,… are combined with playful illustrations.

Cheerful collection of poems with riddles and jokes.

Themes: poetry, joke, riddle

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Reprint 2nd printrun
Variety poetrybook, young reader book
Themes poetry, joke, riddle
Age 6+
Reading level AVI 1, AVI-M3
Number of pages 96 pages
Format 21,5 x 17,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 01/10/2013
NUR code 291
Author Riet Wille
Illustrator Annemie Berebrouckx
ISBN Number 9789058389046