Django's name is Django (Django heet Django)

Django's name is Django (Django heet Django)

Illustrator: Lilian Brøgger

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SKU: 9789058384973

Django’s name is Django, but not today! Today, Django wants to be called Sir. Daddy agrees, but he does not know what he is letting himself in for. Because Sir is stone-deaf when daddy addresses him with Django. And so Django makes a mess in the kitchen and plays in the rain. But then Django hurts himself...

A recognizable story about a toddler who is fascinated by names.

Themes: name, father-son relationship, fantasy

Rights Sold: Danish

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Language Rights sold Danish
Variety picturebook
Themes name, father-son relationship, fantasy
Age 3+
Series Django
Number of pages 26 pages
Format 26,5 x 20,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 01/10/2008
NUR code 273
Author Edward van de Vendel
Illustrator Lilian Brøgger
ISBN Number 9789058384973

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