A Pig Tale (Een rare snuiter)

A Pig Tale (Een rare snuiter)

Author: Linda Schacht
Illustrator: Linda Schacht

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SKU: 9789058383945

Pig has had enough. Each time he is allowed to show his snout, the story ends and the book is shut. Pig jumps out of the book, looking for adventure, heroism and true love. He meets a few snapping ghosts, a fierce dragon with seven heads and an enormous giant and, with cunning and a lot of luck, defeats them all. With every step his confidence grows. Now he still has to find a princess whom he can save...

A humorous picture book about a pig with a big imagination who works himself in the spotlight. The illustrations show that the ghosts are clothes on a line, that the dragon is a picture on a vase and that the giant is Pig’s shadow.

Themes: adventure, hero, being brave, pig

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Variety picturebook
Themes adventure, hero, being brave, pig
Age 4+
Number of pages 26 pages
Format 25 x 25 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 01/02/2007
NUR code 273
Author Linda Schacht
Illustrator Linda Schacht
ISBN Number 9789058383945