Fin & Snip - Together all day (Fin & Snip - De hele dag samen)

Fin & Snip - Together all day (Fin & Snip - De hele dag samen)

Illustrator: Greet Bosschaert

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SKU: 9789462913769

- Recognizable story for toddlers
- About a cheerful child and his animal friend
- Interactive series lift-the-flap-books

A playful lift-the-flap-book about the toddler Fin and his friend Snip.

Fin’s big friend is Snip, a colourful little parrot. Every day they play together from the moment they wake up, until they go to bed. Snip is a clever, but a bit of a naughty parrot. Fin cheerfully plays along. When they are tired of playing at the end of the day, they take a bath and go to bed.

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Variety lift-the-flap book
Themes daily schedule, playing, toddler, parrot
Age 1+
Series Fin & Snip
Number of pages 18 pages + flaps
Format 20 x 20 cm
Design cardboard with flaps
Published since 20/03/2019
NUR code 271
Author Elly van der Linden
Illustrator Greet Bosschaert
ISBN Number 9789462913769

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