Minced meat (Gehakt)

Minced meat (Gehakt)

Illustrator: Stijn Felix

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SKU: 9789058380265

Exciting story for tough readers. Jonathan, a twelve year old boy, discovers that strange things happen in the old factory near his house. Together with Catherine, who is an amateur photographer, he spies on his gymnastics teacher. The teacher and the village butcher spend two nights a week in the old factory. Jonathan and Catherine can enter the factory, but they can't escape anymore…

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Reprint POD
Variety fiction
Genre detective
Themes adventure, photography, crime, dream
Age 10+
Reading level AVI 9
Number of pages 104 pages
Format 21,5 x 15 cm
Design softcover
Published since 15/03/1999
NUR code 283
Author Mario Demesmaeker
Illustrator Stijn Felix
ISBN Number 9789058380265