Gotcha! (Hebbes!)

Gotcha! (Hebbes!)

Author: Rien Broere
Illustrator: Riske Lemmens

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SKU: 9789058388063

Linda loves pets, but her brother has an allergy. Instead of a dog or cat, Linda got a goldfish for her birthday. One day, Linda finds a wounded cat. Secretly, she looks after it. Still, it isn't easy keeping it a secret. Linda would love to keep the cat, but she realizes somebody must be looking for it...

There are four more titles in the same series about the children of Shystreet.

Themes: allergy, family, pet, cat, secret

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Variety fiction
Themes allergy, family, pet, cat, secret
Age 9+
Reading level AVI 8
Series De children of Shystreet
Number of pages 96 blz.
Format 21,5 x 15 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 01/10/2012
NUR code 283
Author Rien Broere
Illustrator Riske Lemmens
ISBN Number 9789058388063

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