Witch Marjorie (Heks Marjol)

Witch Marjorie (Heks Marjol)

Author: Patricia David
Illustrator: Kristina Ruell

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SKU: 9789058389848

Witch Marjorie is troubled. ‘You are a boring witch!’ witch Depressy told her. She is right, Marjorie thinks. She would love to do something exciting but she can’t come up with anything. One night, Marjorie thinks about something witch Permwave told her: doing something that isn’t allowed, is never boring. Marjorie has an idea: ‘I’m going to where the humans live.’

Funny stories that children love.

In the same series: Witch Permwave, Witch Depressy.

Themes: witch, being boring, hairdresser

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Variety fiction
Themes witch, being boring, hairdresser
Age 8+
Series In the witchforest
Number of pages 208 pages
Format 21,5 x 15 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 15/01/2015
NUR code 282
Author Patricia David
Illustrator Kristina Ruell
ISBN Number 9789058389848

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