The circus of Dottore Fausto (Het circus van Dottore Fausto)

The circus of Dottore Fausto (Het circus van Dottore Fausto)

Illustrator: Isabelle Vandenabeele

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SKU: 9789058386588

One day, an old, withered circus arrives in Tito’s village. Tito is intrigued by the magical performance by the director and he joins the circus. Every evening the tent is hastily broken down again and the wagons race through the night. Who is Dottore Fausto running from? Bit by bit Tito discovers more about the strange circus people and about the director.

An adaptation of the German Faust-story. With beautiful woodcuts in black and red.

Themes: legend, devil, soul, circus

Was awarded the prize for Best Graphically Designed Books 2011

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Awarded Best Design Award
Variety illustrated novel
Themes legend, devil, soul, circus
Age 10-99 jaar
Number of pages 96 pages
Format 20 x 24 cm
Design linnen cover
Published since 01/10/2010
NUR code 274, 300
Author Pieter van Oudheusden
Illustrator Isabelle Vandenabeele
ISBN Number 9789058386588