The boy the girl the river (Het meisje de jongen de rivier)

The boy the girl the river (Het meisje de jongen de rivier)

Author: Paul Verrept
Illustrator: Paul Verrept

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SKU: 9789058383846

A fish is lost in the river. A man catches him and takes him home. His son eats the fish and falls asleep. For years on end, the boy sleeps like a log. A war begins and ends, the house falls apart and he is still sleeping. Finally, a homeless girl finds the boy and wakes him up. The boy and the girl look in each other’s eyes and don’t need words. They walk to the river and sail away with a boat. The boy and the girl love each other deeply. Their love is so strong that it affects the people on the banks positively. A week later the boat is empty and a fish swims in the river...

An enchanting picture book about love which was awarded a ‘Gouden Uil’ in Flanders.

Themes: love, loneliness, fantasy

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Awarded Golden Owl
Variety picturebook
Genre fairytale
Themes love, loneliness, fantasy
Age 11-99 jaar
Number of pages 32 pages
Format 25 x 25 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 01/09/2006
NUR code 274, 300
Author Paul Verrept
Illustrator Paul Verrept
ISBN Number 9789058383846