I'm ChameLeon (Ik ben KameLeon)

I'm ChameLeon (Ik ben KameLeon)

Illustrator: An Candaele

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SKU: 9789462911178

A new series about a special animal and his friends. About how fun it is when somebody is different than the others.

ChameLeon can go to school for the first time. A little class full of animals is waiting for him. When ChameLeon sits down on a blue stool, his colour changes from green to blue. The children find that weird. All the other animals have a fixed colour, except for ChameLeon. Luckily the others soon realize that their new friend has to stay himself.

Rights sold: Chinese (simple), Chinese (complex), Korean

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'It all began with something one of my students said. 'A chameleon doesn't choose his colour.' The sentence kept resounding in my head and it triggered me. Would I be able to come up with a story about that chameleon for my grandchildren? Because, it's true, without those little ones I wouldn't have dared to write a children's story. I call it the 'collateral damage' of being a grandmother.' (Kristien Hemmerechts)

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Language Rights sold Chinese (complex), Chinese (simple), Korean
Variety picturebook
Themes chameleon, animal, school, being different
Age 3+
Series ChameLeon and his friends
Number of pages 32 pages
Format 30 x 21,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 15/02/2016
NUR code 273
Author Kristien Hemmerechts
Illustrator An Candaele
ISBN Number 9789462911178

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