I'll become a buttercup (ik word een boterbloem)

I'll become a buttercup (ik word een boterbloem)

Author: Riet Wille
Illustrator: Kristien Aertssen

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SKU: 9789462910003

A collection of poems and word games for children who are learning to read. The book is divided into seven chap- ters, each containing six poems about various subjects such as family, school, the farm, going to the beach … The poems are very recognizable and appealing. They contain a lot of word-play and humor. In the colourful pictures there is a lot to discover.

This poetry book is a must-have for every child that learns to read.

Themes: poem, family, school, kitchen

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Variety poetrybook, young reader book
Themes poem, family, school, kitchen
Age 6+
Reading level AVI 1, AVI 3, AVI 4, AVI 5, AVI 6
Number of pages 80 pages
Format 21,5 x 17,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 09/03/2015
NUR code 287, 291
Author Riet Wille
Illustrator Kristien Aertssen
ISBN Number 9789462910003