Champion (Kampioen)

Champion (Kampioen)

Author: Frank Geleyn

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SKU: 9789058384133

Max wants to become a racing cyclist. His father coaches him and draws up an intensive training programme. He hopes that his son will realise his own childhood dream. Max obeys his father, although he finds it hard to follow the strict rules when he falls in love with a girl. Max’ mother thinks his school results are more important than his cycling career and is upset when he fails a grammar test. One day, his parents have a big fight after which his mother runs away. During the next cycle race, Max ánd his father discover that there is more to life than cycling.

A realistic story about a teenager (and his father) with cycling ambitions and the problems at home and at school that ensue from this.

Themes: cycling, ambition, being in love, family

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Reprint 2nd printrun
Variety fiction
Themes cycling, ambition, being in love, family
Age 12+
Series Fun Reading
Number of pages 104 pages
Format 14,5 x 21 cm
Design softcover
Published since 01/03/2007
NUR code 284
Author Frank Geleyn
ISBN Number 9789058384133

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