Little Zebra (Kleine Zebra)

Little Zebra (Kleine Zebra)

Author: Tim Polfliet
Illustrator: Tim Polfliet

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SKU: 9789058381729

Little Zebra is the smallest of all the zebras in Stripe Country. He is so small that he only has one black stripe. There is not enough room for more. One day, Little Zebra leaves his country looking for stripes. He arrives in Colour Country where he meets many curious animals. Some of them offer him one of their stripes, but Little Zebra wants a unique stripe. Then he meets a frolicking girl. She thinks Little Zebra is very special because of his single stripe. The girl offers him a red stripe and this time Little Zebra does not refuse!

Themes: zebra, being different, searching, being little, animal

Rights Sold: Korean

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Language Rights sold Korean
Variety picturebook
Themes zebra, being different, searching, being little, animal
Age 4+
Number of pages 26 pages
Format 25 x 25 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 01/03/2003
NUR code 273
Author Tim Polfliet
Illustrator Tim Polfliet
ISBN Number 9789058381729