Cuddle-words & kiss-sentences (Knuffelwoordjes & zoenzinnen)

Cuddle-words & kiss-sentences (Knuffelwoordjes & zoenzinnen)

Author: Siska Goeminne
Illustrator: Lieve Baeten

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SKU: 9789058387448

Hello little child. Do you love your teddy bear and soft, warm arms around you? Then you can cuddle along with the little children in this book. You can find a cuddly-duck, a doggy, a cat and many other little friends, a happy daddy and a puppet-doctor, and a kiss-kiss-kissery mummy!

Second title in a new series for toddlers. On every page the children have to look for a specific item.

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Additional Information

Variety cardboardbook
Themes cuddle, kiss, child
Age 2+
Series Toddlers
Number of pages 20 pages
Format 20 x 19 cm
Design cardboard
Published since 01/03/2012
NUR code 271
Author Siska Goeminne
Illustrator Lieve Baeten
ISBN Number 9789058387448

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