An animal in the garden (Lees je slim – een dier in de tuin)

An animal in the garden (Lees je slim – een dier in de tuin)

Illustrator: Joris Thys

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SKU: 9789058389381

Do you know the animals in your garden? And do you know what they do? In this book you can find out more about seven common animals in the garden. What makes a mole happy? What is a butterfly like when it's little? What does a great tit like to eat? How do you take care of a hedgehog? What does a worm not like? Is a spider good for the garden? How strong is an ant?

Everything a young child should know about the animals living in the garden.

In the same series: An animal in the house

Themes: animal, insect, garden



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Variety informative book, young reader book
Themes animal, insect, garden
Age 6+
Reading level AVI 2, AVI-E3
Series Clever reading
Number of pages 32 pages
Format 24,5 x 16,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 01/03/2014
NUR code 223, 287
Author Liesbeth Van Bogaert
Illustrator Joris Thys
ISBN Number 9789058389381

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