May I cross over? (Mag ik overvaren?)

May I cross over? (Mag ik overvaren?)

Author: Sine van Mol
Illustrator: Paul Van Lancker

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SKU: 9789058381347

Nabieu flees the rebellion army in Sierra Leone. He stows away on a container ship and sails to Antwerp. He goes through a hell of a time in the hold of the ship. Also the arrival in Belgium affects him deeply. Nabieu is eager to find a new home there but things are not as simple as that...

A captivating story based on true facts.

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Variety fiction
Genre true story
Themes refugee, multiculturalism
Age 10+
Reading level AVI 8
Number of pages 64 pages
Format 21,5 x 15 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 15/01/2002
NUR code 283
Author Sine van Mol
Illustrator Paul Van Lancker
ISBN Number 9789058381347