Max isn't tired (Max is niet moe)

Max isn't tired (Max is niet moe)

Author: Kasing Lung
Illustrator: Kasing Lung

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SKU: 9789462910058

Max the pup isn’t tired. He still has to build a huge tower. He also wants to play with Cat’s ball. No, Max the pup isn’t tired at all. He can still easily keep his eyes open. He isn’t yawning, surely not! He still wants to listen to a few songs. And he wants … he wants … Finally Max falls asleep on the play rug. Sleep tight, Max!

A recognizable and endearing book for toddlers. About a pup who doesn’t want to go to bed.

Themes: dog, bedtime, playing

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Variety cardboardbook
Themes dog, bedtime, playing
Age 2+
Number of pages 14 pages
Format 17 x 17 cm
Design cardboard
Published since 16/02/2015
NUR code 271
Author Kasing Lung
Illustrator Kasing Lung
ISBN Number 9789462910058