Teacher Frank is wow! (Meester Frank is wow!)

Teacher Frank is wow! (Meester Frank is wow!)

Illustrator: Florence Wauters

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SKU: 9789462911406

- A collection of three stories
- Mr. Frank knows exactly what each pupil needs
- Many cute illustrations

About a teacher who creates a positive atmosphere in his classroom.

Lena always gives the answer without raising her hand. Lowie’s parents have just been divorced. When he’s at his dad’s he misses his mum and the other way around. Omar sometimes can’t control his anger. For the problems of these three children Mr. Frank has a clever and kind solution.

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Variety read-and-grow book, young reader book
Themes classroom, teacher, friendship, divorce, anger, respect
Age 7+
Reading level AVI-M4, AVI-E4, AVI-M5
Series Mr. Frank
Number of pages 96 pages, end papers incl.
Format 21 x 15,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 12/08/2016
NUR code 287
Author Moniek Vermeulen
Illustrator Florence Wauters
ISBN Number 9789462911406

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