My hands dance (Mijn handen dansen)

My hands dance (Mijn handen dansen)

Author: Riet Wille
Illustrator: Ingrid Godon

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SKU: 9789058380197

Lovely book to look at and imitate the things that hands can do: hold behind your back, clap hands, make a phone call, make a fist, etcetera. The text is written by Riet Wille, a successful poet for the very young. The illustrations by Ingrid Godon are sophisticated yet simple and appeal to both parents and children.

2nd printrun

Themes: hand, body, poetry

Rights sold: German, Korean

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Language Rights sold German, Korean
Reprint 2nd printrun
Variety cardboardbook
Themes hand, body, poetry
Age 2+
Number of pages 18 pages
Format 16 x 16 cm
Design cardboard, full colour illustrations
Published since 15/03/1999
NUR code 271
Author Riet Wille
Illustrator Ingrid Godon
ISBN Number 9789058380197

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