Millie Centipede (Millie Duizendvoet)

Millie Centipede (Millie Duizendvoet)

Author: Stijn Moekaars
Illustrator: Frank Daenen

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SKU: 9789058387899

It's a special day today. Millie can show her favorite jigsaw in class. But Millie has overslept and she has to run to get to school in time. Along the way she bumps into Harry Squirrel, Bo Bunny, Chelsea Chicken and Steve Turtle. They call after her, but Millie is in a hurry. At school she sees that the box of the jigsaw was open. All the pieces are gone except for one! What to do?

Colorful illustrations with cute animals and funny details which children find very attractive.

Themes: school, jigsaw, hurry, animal

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Variety picturebook
Themes school, jigsaw, hurry, animal
Age 3+
Series Millie Centepede
Number of pages 32 pages
Format 20,5 x 20,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 15/08/2012
NUR code 273
Author Stijn Moekaars
Illustrator Frank Daenen
ISBN Number 9789058387899

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