Monty and Pam (Mon en Pam)

Monty and Pam (Mon en Pam)

Author: Aag Vernelen
Illustrator: Milja Praagman

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SKU: 9789058387905

Monty the mole and Pam the goose are neighbors. Monty works a lot. Pam is quite lazy and very messy. Her stuff always lay scattered in the meadow. Sometimes Monty and Pam have a row. But not for long. Pam is Monty's biggest fan. She comes up with a surprise for him...

Collection of stories about two animals with opposite characters but who are very good friends.

Themes: work, be lazy, mole, goose, friendship

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Variety young reader book
Themes work, be lazy, mole, goose, friendship
Age 6+
Reading level AVI 2, AVI-M3
Number of pages 92 pages
Format 21 x 15,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 15/08/2012
NUR code 287
Author Aag Vernelen
Illustrator Milja Praagman
ISBN Number 9789058387905