To the library (Naar de bieb)

To the library (Naar de bieb)

Author: Brigitte Minne
Illustrator: Ingrid Godon

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SKU: 9789058383204

Mum, Gary and Bear are reading a book about a rabbit. Gary loves reading. When the book is finished, they all bring it back to the library. But Gary refuses to give the book back to Ann, the librarian. Then Ann says that Gary can choose a new book from the boxes with picture books. Gary is very happy when he discovers another book about a rabbit. Gary shows his new treasure to mum and Bear. Now they can all enjoy a new adventure of the rabbit.

Ideal to make children familiar with the world of libraries and borrowing books.

2nd print run

Themes: library, book, reading

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Reprint 3rd printrun
Variety cardboardbook
Themes library, book, reading
Age 2+
Number of pages 18 pages
Format 16 x 16 cm
Design board book, full colour illustrations
Published since 01/10/2005
NUR code 271
Author Brigitte Minne
Illustrator Ingrid Godon
ISBN Number 9789058383204