No bath! (Niet in bad!)

No bath! (Niet in bad!)

Illustrator: Gitte Vancoillie

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SKU: 9789462914674

- About bathing
- Cheerful, recognizable story with a funny twist
- Colourful illustrations

Two inventive toddlers don’t want to take a bath.

Brother and sister don’t want to take a bath. Wet is no fun! Being naked isn’t nice! First they hide under the bed. But it’s full of itchy fluff there. In the birdcage they find the fluttering feathers annoying. And in the attic their hair is soon full of cobwebs. In each hiding place the toddlers get a bit more dirty. Do they still not want to take a bath?

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Variety cardboardbook
Themes bath, being dirty, brother-sister
Age 2+
Number of pages 24 pages, no end papers
Format 20 x 20 cm
Design cardboard book
Published since 25/03/2020
NUR code 271
Author Moniek Vermeulen
Illustrator Gitte Vancoillie
ISBN Number 9789462914674