And there I was (Opeens was ik er)

And there I was (Opeens was ik er)

Illustrator: Joke Van Camp

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SKU: 9789058384706

Ducky turns and twists in his little haven. Yet suddenly the egg is much too tight. Ducky has to leave. But can he find the courage? He can! Being born is tough and scary. You never know where you are going to end up. Luckily Ducky lands in a warm and safe nest. He is immediately comforted by two creatures that look like him.

A tender gift book that describes birth in a poetic way. The ideal present for young parents.

Themes: birth, duck, family

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Variety giftbook
Themes birth, duck, family
Age 4-99 jaar
Number of pages 26 pages
Format 14 x 19 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 01/02/2008
NUR code 273, 370
Author Hilde Vandermeeren
Illustrator Joke Van Camp
ISBN Number 9789058384706