Riot-mouse (Relmuis!)

Riot-mouse (Relmuis!)

Illustrator: Jurgen Walschot

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SKU: 9789462912892

- Strong story about a classgroup and their new teacher
- Written in the way in which children communicate: includes Facebook, Whatsapp and text messages
- Honest and without drama, with strong themes such as racism and disability

Scrapbook-story with different types of communication.

Mohammed and Frida don’t like their new English teacher. He calls everyone “children”, gives to much homework and has a to-do list for the entire class. On top of that, he even lets Frida do little tasks, even though she’s in a wheelchair. And did he really give Shanya bad grades? During the rehearsal for the school play things get completely out of hand. But maybe the teacher has a reason for acting and behaving like he does?

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Variety fiction
Themes school, handicap, inclusion, diversity
Age 11+
Number of pages 112 pages, end papers incl.
Format 21,5 x 15 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 19/03/2018
NUR code 283
Author Frank Pollet, Moniek Vermeulen
Illustrator Jurgen Walschot
ISBN Number 9789462912892

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