Chess (Schaak)

Chess (Schaak)

Author: Inge Misschaert

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SKU: 9789058388490

Nora doesn’t very much look forward to the new school year. Her mother has written down her adventures in a novel The pumpkin murders. Nora is afraid her classmates will tease her when they read the book. Nora soon has other worries. Some Dutch students take classes at her school. Nora falls in love with a handsome Dutch boy, and he seem to fancy her as well. But then strange things happen and before she knows it, Nora ends up in a new adventure of conspiracies, jealousy and violence…

An enthralling thriller with a light and humorous undertone.

In the same series: The pumpkin murders

Themes: teenager, school, being in love, murder

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Variety fiction
Genre thriller
Themes teenager, school, being in love, murder
Age 12+
Series Fun Reading
Number of pages 192 pages
Format 21 x 14,5 cm
Design softcover
Published since 01/03/2013
NUR code 284
Author Inge Misschaert
ISBN Number 9789058388490

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