A little piece of heaven (Scherven van de hemel)

A little piece of heaven (Scherven van de hemel)

Illustrator: Stefanie De Graef

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SKU: 9789058388193

A pupil is confronted with his master's perfect painting. Many people come to see it. A rich salesman, a noble lady, a high-priest and even the emperor come to have a look at the painting. They all want to buy it. At night the moon goddess descends from the heavens. She whispers in the painter's ear: 'Your work is done. Come with me.' In the morning the painter knows what to do...

An enthralling tale about striving for perfection and about the bond between a pupil and a master.

Themes: Japan, master, pupil, paint, perfection

Rights sold: Portuguese (Brazil), Danish

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Language Rights sold Danish, Portuguese (Brazil)
Variety picturebook
Genre fairytale
Themes Japan, master, pupil, paint, perfection
Age 8-99 jaar
Number of pages 32 pages
Format 25 x 30 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 15/01/2013
NUR code 274
Author Pieter van Oudheusden
Illustrator Stefanie De Graef
ISBN Number 9789058388193

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