Tenderskin (Tederhuid)

Tenderskin (Tederhuid)

Illustrator: Johan Devrome

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SKU: 9789058382757

Tenderskin is a monumental book that exposes love and the act of lovemaking in a poetic way. Tender and soft, sweet and seductive, defiant or flattering and above all, with many winks. In this book, texts and pictures lie over and under one another. The short poetic texts contain many puns and double entendres. The pictures depict the different aspects of love and at times refer to the old masters. Tenderskin is a book to fall in love with, a book for everyone who is in love.

A gift book for adolescents and adults about love and lovemaking. With big pastel-coloured paintings of human bodies.

Themes: love, eroticism

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Variety giftbook, poetrybook
Themes love, eroticism
Age 16-99 jaar
Number of pages 40 pages
Format 25 x 25 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 01/09/2004
NUR code 370, 294
Author Geert De Kockere
Illustrator Johan Devrome
ISBN Number 9789058382757