Owl plus Lark (Uil plus Leeuwerik)

Owl plus Lark (Uil plus Leeuwerik)

Illustrator: Sebastiaan Van Doninck

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SKU: 9789058383617

Owl and Lark would like to be friends. But when Lark begins to sing in the mornings, Owl falls asleep. And when Owl sets off on his nightly adventures, Lark is sleeping already. One morning, Owl keeps his eyes wide open and Lark remains silent. They look at each other and become friends. They decide to write letters and tell each other about the things that happen when the other is sleeping. Their friendship grows. Yet one evening, Lark is very tired and can only write ‘bye’. Owl feels sad and answers: ‘is it bye from goodbye and see you never again’?

A tender story about an impossible friendship between two animals with a different rhythm.

Themes: friendship, opposites, owl, lark

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Variety picturebook
Themes friendship, opposites, owl, lark
Age 5+
Series Owl, Lark & Swan
Number of pages 32 pages
Format 20,5 x 20,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 01/05/2006
NUR code 274
Author Ianka Fleerackers
Illustrator Sebastiaan Van Doninck
ISBN Number 9789058383617

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