Where is Rabbit? (Waar is Konijn?)

Where is Rabbit? (Waar is Konijn?)

Author: Brigitte Minne
Illustrator: Kristien Aertssen

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SKU: 9789058381538

Doggy and his cuddly toy Rabbit go with mum to the playground. They play on the slide and in the sandbox and have a lot of fun. Doggy eats an ice-cream and then they return home. When it is time for bed, Doggy can't find Rabbit. Mum and dad search the whole house. But Rabbit is nowhere to be seen. Could it be that he is still in the playground?

Solid and plasticized cardboard book with a recognizable theme: not being able to sleep without the favourite teddy. Sweet and colourful illustrations.

Themes: doggy, cuddly toy, sleeping

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Variety cardboardbook
Themes doggy, cuddly toy, sleeping
Age 2+
Number of pages 12 pages
Format 19 x 22 cm
Design hardcover, full colour illustrations
Published since 15/01/2002
NUR code 271, 272
Author Brigitte Minne
Illustrator Kristien Aertssen
ISBN Number 9789058381538

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