Things that people might swallow (Wat mensen zoal inslikken)

Things that people might swallow (Wat mensen zoal inslikken)

Author: Bart Mertens
Illustrator: Joke Van Camp

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SKU: 9789058385994

A little boy wonders whether people start to look like the things they eat. Grandma swallows a little pill just like that. Grandpa is a greedy-guts. He swallows and gulps and stuffs without stopping. His teacher swallows flower, the boy believes. His mother swallowed her own son. One day she pushed him out and swallowed his little sister. That's how she got her big belly!

An imaginative picture book about a pregnant mum and the astonishment her big belly evokes with her little boy.

Themes: pregnancy, birth, being gluttonous

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Variety picturebook
Themes pregnancy, birth, being gluttonous
Age 4+
Number of pages 32 pages
Format 30,5 x 21,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 01/03/2010
NUR code 273
Author Bart Mertens
Illustrator Joke Van Camp
ISBN Number 9789058385994