Wobble bottom (Wiebelkont)

Wobble bottom (Wiebelkont)

Author: Marijke Umans
Illustrator: Riske Lemmens

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SKU: 9789058384102

After four daughters Beth’s parents had hoped for a boy. But in spite of her boyish appearance, Beth is a real girl. Beth is an energetic but also sensitive girl. It is not easy to arrest the attention in a family of five children, but, thanks to her fantasy and humour, Beth often holds the spotlight. Yet the teachers and preachers don’t approve of her big mouth. Their lack of understanding gives Beth stomach ache. Fortunately she has an understanding mother. Beth explores life full of keenness and discovers where she is happiest...

A humorous and energetic story told from the point of view of a girl who looks at life full of surprise and enthusiasm, set in the 1980s.

2nd print-run

In the same series: Gabble babble and Tornadostorm.

Themes: family, sister, school, singing

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Reprint 2nd printrun
Variety fiction
Themes family, sister, school, singing
Age 8+
Reading level AVI 6
Series Wobblebottom
Number of pages 72 pages
Format 16,5 x 24,5 cm
Design softcover
Published since 01/02/2007
NUR code 283
Author Marijke Umans
Illustrator Riske Lemmens
ISBN Number 9789058384102

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