Wild swans (Wilde zwanen)

Wild swans (Wilde zwanen)

Author: Anja Jager
Illustrator: Anja Jager

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SKU: 9789058389114

There once was a royal couple with twelve beautiful children: eleven princes and one little princess, Elise. One day the queen died. The king remarried an evil woman who changed the princes into swans. They regained their human form by night. Elise was banished. When the brothers found their sister, they took her to a safe land. One night, Elise dreamt about a way to break the spell ...

An inspirational adaptation of a fairytale by H.C. Andersen.

Themes: fairytale, swan, curse, princess

Rights sold: Chinese (mainland)

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Language Rights sold Chinese (simple)
Variety picturebook
Genre fairytale
Themes fairytale, swan, curse, princess
Age 5+
Number of pages 40 pages
Format 30,5 x 21,5 cm
Design hardcover
Published since 15/01/2014
NUR code 273
Author Anja Jager
Illustrator Anja Jager
ISBN Number 9789058389114